Randolph Street Market
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What are the 2014 regular season dates and where is the Randolph Street Market Festival located at?
Randolph Street Market
  2014 Randolph Street Market festival dates are May 24-25, June 28-29, July 26-27, August 30-31 and September 27-28. The Randolph Street Market festival is located at 1350 block of West Randolph Street and inside the beautiful Beaux Arts Plumbers Hall at 1340 West Washington. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR/RAIN OR SHINE! Click here for directions and map.
Why do we pay admission?
Randolph Street Market
  Randolph Street Market events are not subsidized by the city, state or any other organization. The admission fee is the only way this event happens as the costs are exorbitant -- admission spread over lots of people pays the overhead for the venue, security, insurance, and staff necessary to bring this world class market to life! The vendors pay as little as possible so they can keep their pricing as low as possible, giving the customer the lowest pricing and best deals anywhere in the metropolitan area. Our admission price is $8 if you buy online and $10 at the gate. Students can pay discounted rates online and Seniors pay $5 at the gate with mention of discount.

Shopping Refund Vouchers for Admission by Vendors: Each voucher is for $5 off and the vendors should reduce the purchase price by $5 on items valued $25 or more.
Note that not all vendors are able to honor the voucher due to their profit margins and customer should ask vendor if they accept the voucher before they shop in their booth.
Do I have to purchase additional tickets to get into the different markets within the Randolph Street Market?
Randolph Street Market
  One admission price gets you into all areas of the Randolph Street Market, there are no additional charges.
Is the Market wheel chair accessible?
Randolph Street Market
  Certainly, the outdoor exhibit space at the Market is all flat, and there are ramps into the Plumbers Hall building. Plus elevators and special bathroom facilities make the Randolph Street Market easy for anyone to enjoy!
Can I bring my pet?
Randolph Street Market
  The entire outdoor area of the market is open for most* dogs; your furry friend must be on a leash and will no doubt be delighted with the delicious scraps of food to be discovered amongst the several acres of outdoor antique and collectible treasures. No pets allowed inside the building though. And if it's a hot one, be kind and leave Fifi at home along with the pet crocodile, who may spot a vintage handbag that used to be a relative and get upset!

*Please note: due to liability with our insurers and landlord's insurance, the Center for Disease Control has identified 7 breeds which are have been particularly prone to fatal human attacks and these breeds will not be allowed to enter the Randolph Street Market. To see if your pooch should stay home you can follow this link:

We understand this may seem unfair to the responsible dog owner but we are trying to ensure we have a safe environment and protect against the irresponsible dog owners who bring dog breeds that are more dangerous to the public when in the hands of bad owners. Clearly any dog can be dangerous but some clearly have tendencies that in the wrong hands are more dangerous. We have not just mad this up but researched based on research and data. Although we are dog friendly, being a dog owner myself, it can be a stressful environment for a dog.
Do the dealers prefer cash and/or do they take credit cards?
Randolph Street Market
  There's nothing more American than cash -- EVERYONE prefers it! You can bargain better if you have cash and dealers love it when you have the exact amount so bring lots of small bills. And if you don't have cash but have an ATM card, we have two on-site cash stations. As for the credit cards, some dealers take them but many don't so be prepared.
What type of terrain will I be walking on?
Randolph Street Market
  You will not be walking over corn stalks, gravel, manure or rocks. You will be walking on beautifully tended asphalt and our indoor space has nice floors (terrazzo). Wear tennis shoes, sandles, platforms or jazz slippers.
Can I buy tube socks or a thigh master here?
Randolph Street Market
  No, but Maxwell Street Flea Market is only a few blocks away and you can buy those things there!
And if it rains or is excessively hot?
Randolph Street Market
  We have beautiful, huge indoor air-conditioned Plumbers Hall and most of our outdoor dealers set up under tents.
Do you have delivery service?
Randolph Street Market
  Sometimes the dealer will make the delivery for you but we also have an on-site delivery service.
Do I have a discount if I buy ticket for all markets?
Randolph Street Market
  We provide a seasonal pass which is valid for all market dates and you do have a discount if you buy it. You can order either calling our office or e mailing us.
Do you have early buying?
Randolph Street Market
  We do have early buying, Saturdays during regular season, beginning at 8am. $20 online and $25 cash only at the gate.
Can I bring my kids?
Randolph Street Market
  Yes, you can! It's a family friendly market and it's fun for everybody. We have a children's area inside Plumbers Hall and every kid gets a treasure map!
Is there food?
Randolph Street Market
  The Market provides a variety of food stations that ranges from breakfast goodies to lunch meals. And we have beer and wine!
Randolph Street Market
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Randolph Street Market
Randolph Street Market
Randolph Street Market
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Randolph Street Market
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